Tasked with the objective of creating a better and more efficient shopping experience, Wayfinder was a result of fruitful user research, concept validations, and insightful discovery. Wayfinder promises to give users the convenience of shopping online and the tangibility of shopping in-store.



Nobody enjoys a cumbersome shopping experience. With that in mind, we wanted to create an app that enhanced the shopping experience for our users.

To discover and define a problem, we took to user research and discovered a few user needs that we felt needed to be addressed—an efficient solution to compare prices, immediate knowledge of return policies, and the transparency of knowing which nearby retailers carry the product in question. These are the user needs that incubated the birth of Wayfinder.

So who is our target audience? We defined our user as young, rational online shoppers, seeking to shop efficiently, freely, and the allowing them the ability to find the items they were shopping for in person. This would bring the excitement of a scavenger hunt to their shopping experience, while allowing them to effectively find the best deal nearby.